Monday, 28 September 2009

Hello, okay thank you very much, of course you can.

This is essentially going to be a weak attempt to make you think of Brighton's premier tee shop for that bit longer. Hopefully this bit will be never read as you will be catching us, Boy Parker, Brighton's premier tee shop, months down the line professing our admiration for the week/month's greatest t-shirt since the last one came out. If I mentally project myself into me in the future looking at said t-shirt it seems to be a pretty sweet arrangement with a dragon fighting a gorilla that looks a little like Bill Murray drawn in the style of Jack Kirby, i know, awesome eh?
There will be some proper stuff up here very freaking soon, in the meantime i'm going to try and add a video of something for you to watch, i hear that is what they do in these blog things.

bah weep na na weep ninny bah.