Friday, 19 March 2010

Fear and Loathing within a specified number of characters.

Yo what's up!
I'm here on the flow-ride checking out my bloods with a 40oz. Ya get me?
Right that's enough street talk for the day, now for some updates.
Things are a little slow at boy parker towers at the mo'. We're waiting for all the new amazing everything to come in and only now is it starting to peter into the shop. Disturbia the Geordie 'horror tee' brand seem to be first out with an excellent new season. My favourite is just below with their homage to Hunter S. Thompsons most infamous road-trip. I'm always amazed how when you see Johnny Depp talking fo' real nowadays he still talks like he did in Terry Gilliams last decent film, it must have had some effect on him. Apparently prior to that he sounded a bit like a Kentucky version of Jeanette Kranky. So yeah, disturbia, come get some.

The other sad news is finally Boy Parker has succumbed to the brief description of your every movement sensation that is twotter, sorry, twitter. If you want to know when we last had a bowel movement, what new stuff has come in , or what we are watching while we skive then please make your way over to; Where you can follow us like a virtual stalker to your hearts content.

Look it's the t-shirt i was talking about....