Thursday, 7 October 2010

Getting there.

Even though only one of my other split personalities reads this blog; hello Pebbles, i see it's been over a year since we mentioned that we were going to be putting out our own line of tee's together.
Well now, after many a sleepless night and tiredy, tiredy day. boy parker, brighton, no england, no sorry the worlds greatest t-shirt shop are on the verge or launching their hot shit all over the faces of the unsuspecting public. As a little preview i've attached a couple of enigmatic snippets of a couple of the designs from works in progress, we'll have an xmas preview and then the full range will be up in yo' face come very early 2011. think of this as an amuse bouche, even though i'm not entirely sure that is how you spell bouche. here is also a link to a dated hip-hop rock track from me youth, check the keyboard player out, he is cool as.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Talk to the facebook because the hand doesn't have ears and so is unable to hear.

After i'd accidentally punched myself awake this morning, and the bleeding had stopped, i realised that the minions in the cellar of boy parker land had failed to remind me to tell this blog that we now have elongated our ominous presence in cyberspace by signing up to the soultaker that is facebook.

Look here it is : . You can now go add us or whatever it is you do on that odd social tool. We prefer to communicate by telepathy, much easier, although i suppose you can't show a photo or yerself dressed as Wolverine or check out hot girls who are a friend of a friend that way.

That's all for now but we always like to leave you with some nonsense to look at so heres the trailer for some mental film that's coming out soon called 'sucker punch' , giant tobot samurias, ser-weet!

Saturday, 10 July 2010


If you're feeling starved of tshirt bargains get yourselves down to Boy Parker we've got a feast of tasty tees with prices from £10... dig in.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Local Celebrity has just dropped here, with some strong, summertime tees for discerning guys and girls. Being located in the heart of Brighton's north laines we see all kinds of local celebrities cruising by, making our day equal parts more exciting and surreal; Bankrupt boxing eccentric, Chris Eubank, Belligerent know-it-all journo Julie Burchill and of course that bloke out the Ordinary Boys who married some dolly bird for a fortnight. Theese tees are for them, and for you. So drop by, pick one up and leave your ID at home, people should know who you are..

That's Fresh.

Cause we love you so much we've given the blog a shiny new look, niiice, on top of that we should have lots of updates, photos and ace new tees coming your way soon. You lucky thing you, best run down here to thank us....

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

If he wanted to liveforever that bloke out of fame should have got into a to the death swordfight with Duccan Mcleod of the McLeod clan.

Although on the outside we appear to be a friendly man of the people kind of tee shop, behind the scenes HUGE corporate cogs are constantly grinding away hitting us with big sticks and barking orders like 'do that' and 'do this'; we are a business after all.
Sometimes those Orwellian powers force us into things we don't want to necessarily do but have to for the greater good of the cause and recently a full scale production company, screenwriter, set designer all that hithero came down on Boy Parker for jolly nice trade show Margin. They wanted to film some shops saying stuff about life the universe and everything and we were one of the selected few due to us being excellent.
If you want to get an insight into why we are so brilliant then watch the video below. The guy in the film is an actor we hired for the occasion. You may have seen him in the action death fest "Kill! Gore! Trout!" about a mutant fish man mercenary or the moving drama "Leonard by the sea" where he played a welsh caravan salesman who falls in love with a siamese twin, stirring stuff.
Hopefully it's going to the Sundance film festival next year, i'm sure we'll come back with an arm full of awards. Enjoy.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Because it's been a while.

Although they say that silence is golden I imagine when it comes to the world of blogs the only colour that is produced by inactivity is the pitch black abyss of nothing. A mawdling prosepct if wasn't so bloody sunny outside and an ideal oppurtunity to add some Wiiiidescreen photos of the shop. Wow! look at them, amazing eh? It's like you're almost actually there. I'll leave these with you to ponder over, a suting distraction from the horrors of daily life until we get round to something a bit more interesting. T-shirts ideas are coming together and the webstore is loomin' on the virtual horizon, that and more exciting cards from the man Boo Cook. Be back soon, promise.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Fear and Loathing within a specified number of characters.

Yo what's up!
I'm here on the flow-ride checking out my bloods with a 40oz. Ya get me?
Right that's enough street talk for the day, now for some updates.
Things are a little slow at boy parker towers at the mo'. We're waiting for all the new amazing everything to come in and only now is it starting to peter into the shop. Disturbia the Geordie 'horror tee' brand seem to be first out with an excellent new season. My favourite is just below with their homage to Hunter S. Thompsons most infamous road-trip. I'm always amazed how when you see Johnny Depp talking fo' real nowadays he still talks like he did in Terry Gilliams last decent film, it must have had some effect on him. Apparently prior to that he sounded a bit like a Kentucky version of Jeanette Kranky. So yeah, disturbia, come get some.

The other sad news is finally Boy Parker has succumbed to the brief description of your every movement sensation that is twotter, sorry, twitter. If you want to know when we last had a bowel movement, what new stuff has come in , or what we are watching while we skive then please make your way over to; Where you can follow us like a virtual stalker to your hearts content.

Look it's the t-shirt i was talking about....

Friday, 15 January 2010

We draw a line....

Boy parker towers are always open too all kinds of designs and browse the interweb on a second by second basis. Follow the link below for an example of a tee that if only i had the balls. You have to have a good look at it to get the 'joke'. I think i might get if for me mum next christmas, she loves Queen. This evening i shall be doing a little prayer that somebody has bought this and is wearing it, right this very moment, just thinking it is a lovely innocent homage to the queen that is f.mercury, god rest his spandex jumpsuit.

and as a reminder here is their greatest moment after breakthru......

Friday, 8 January 2010

New year, New goddamn everything!!!!!

I love exclamation marks me, the more the better. I once saw 312 exclamation marks all lined up in a row once; standing on yer head it looked a bit like a stickman version of a Hitler youth rally, did at the time anyway.
What I love even more (being a child of the short attention span spawning decade that was the 80's) are new things, shiny, lovely, fresh new things and 2010 for Boy Parker is going to be chock full of said new things.
Not only are you going to get more sparkly hot diggedy from all our current sweet as brands but Boy Parker towers also have some proper tidy NEW tee brands that we are sure you're going to love. On top of that we are planning to bring into the shop some rather nice menswear brands, hunted out and selected with the same care and attention that we give every single tee design that appears. That one is defintiely a watch this space.
Finally and most excitedly Boy Parker will be bringing out a few of their own tee designs that have been brewing for a while now. You may have to wait until the summer for them, but good thngs come to those who wait, especially if you really are a massive fan of buses.
Finally if you're a fan of shouty, drumming, prog, space-noise, brilliance like i have been last year then i recommend you take a squizz at one of me favourite bands of last year Zorch (, fill your email and pretend name in to this link and you get sent some free songs which i like listening to while looking at this picture, happy 2010.