Friday, 6 August 2010

Talk to the facebook because the hand doesn't have ears and so is unable to hear.

After i'd accidentally punched myself awake this morning, and the bleeding had stopped, i realised that the minions in the cellar of boy parker land had failed to remind me to tell this blog that we now have elongated our ominous presence in cyberspace by signing up to the soultaker that is facebook.

Look here it is : . You can now go add us or whatever it is you do on that odd social tool. We prefer to communicate by telepathy, much easier, although i suppose you can't show a photo or yerself dressed as Wolverine or check out hot girls who are a friend of a friend that way.

That's all for now but we always like to leave you with some nonsense to look at so heres the trailer for some mental film that's coming out soon called 'sucker punch' , giant tobot samurias, ser-weet!