Friday, 23 October 2009

Window Watch ;Week 1

Here at boy parker we like to eek something out for as long as possible until it's a shrivelled husk lying by the side of the road looking a bit like all those old dudes during the swiming pool sequence in Cocoon. With that in mind let me introduce the beginning of an ongoing series of entries following the dramatic fast-paced world of the shop window entitled 'window watch'. At the moment it is just a weak idea to make you look at t-shirts while i distract you with rambling diatribes about nocturnal lizards or the surge of the fantasy/sci-fi movie sub-genre of the early to mid eighties, good times, good times.
All these tees that you see are available to buy instore. If you are looking at this in 2012 then the world ain't ended but you are too late as it's sold out. Or, i have been doing some really bad buying and please take one off my hands. Look out for future editions of window watch, i imagine they are going to be freaking amazing.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Drawing on walls

So, the middle room of the shop (which in a previous life was essentialy just a dumping ground for all kinds of gumph) has now been given a spruce up with an all-over wall mural by the excellent car-hating-grumpy/not grumpy-northern-illustrative-underdog (my words not his) Andy P ( I think you will agree it is a fine piece of ink and brush work that really brings to life what was once just a bleak unlit room that held a couple of mannequins and a filing cabinet containing a bunch of old 70's Playboys. Please peruse the foties and wonder at the imagery of a monolithic rock emmitting a plethora of creatures onto an other-worldy cityscape. Thankfully he is a better drawer and i am clearly a better photo taker (you'll see what i mean on his blog, have a look go on.) otherwise this could have a been a very odd post about a man talking about terrible snaps of a load of stick figure godzillas, wait a minute, that sounds pretty sweet. I need me another wall!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Designs for life.

The header isn't a reference to those Welsh pop/rock dullards but to recent superb telly show 'design for life' where pot-bellied French design guru Philippe Starck humiliates a load of English fools who aspire to make the new cup. I reckon he did it on purpose to show us all up.
Talking of new designs, we ,Boy Parker, have some for our new cards for when people are in the shop and ask : do you have a card? This is second batch and they continue the theme of trump cards featuring (maybe) familiar faces from film/comics/blah. They have also been drawn again by space traveller and danger to small animals Boo 'Kratom' Cook, follow the link god darn it and look and some of his other pictures, he's Brighton answer to Jack Kirby!!!
Soon we'll start putting some actual t-shirts up here but as none of you know this exists yet, i ain't gonna worry too much.

So yeah, there they are, they seem to have come out in a funny colour though, the green has come out all blue, don't know what that's about.