Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Drawing on walls

So, the middle room of the shop (which in a previous life was essentialy just a dumping ground for all kinds of gumph) has now been given a spruce up with an all-over wall mural by the excellent car-hating-grumpy/not grumpy-northern-illustrative-underdog (my words not his) Andy P ( I think you will agree it is a fine piece of ink and brush work that really brings to life what was once just a bleak unlit room that held a couple of mannequins and a filing cabinet containing a bunch of old 70's Playboys. Please peruse the foties and wonder at the imagery of a monolithic rock emmitting a plethora of creatures onto an other-worldy cityscape. Thankfully he is a better drawer and i am clearly a better photo taker (you'll see what i mean on his blog, have a look go on.) otherwise this could have a been a very odd post about a man talking about terrible snaps of a load of stick figure godzillas, wait a minute, that sounds pretty sweet. I need me another wall!

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