Friday, 8 January 2010

New year, New goddamn everything!!!!!

I love exclamation marks me, the more the better. I once saw 312 exclamation marks all lined up in a row once; standing on yer head it looked a bit like a stickman version of a Hitler youth rally, did at the time anyway.
What I love even more (being a child of the short attention span spawning decade that was the 80's) are new things, shiny, lovely, fresh new things and 2010 for Boy Parker is going to be chock full of said new things.
Not only are you going to get more sparkly hot diggedy from all our current sweet as brands but Boy Parker towers also have some proper tidy NEW tee brands that we are sure you're going to love. On top of that we are planning to bring into the shop some rather nice menswear brands, hunted out and selected with the same care and attention that we give every single tee design that appears. That one is defintiely a watch this space.
Finally and most excitedly Boy Parker will be bringing out a few of their own tee designs that have been brewing for a while now. You may have to wait until the summer for them, but good thngs come to those who wait, especially if you really are a massive fan of buses.
Finally if you're a fan of shouty, drumming, prog, space-noise, brilliance like i have been last year then i recommend you take a squizz at one of me favourite bands of last year Zorch (, fill your email and pretend name in to this link and you get sent some free songs which i like listening to while looking at this picture, happy 2010.


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