Wednesday, 9 June 2010

If he wanted to liveforever that bloke out of fame should have got into a to the death swordfight with Duccan Mcleod of the McLeod clan.

Although on the outside we appear to be a friendly man of the people kind of tee shop, behind the scenes HUGE corporate cogs are constantly grinding away hitting us with big sticks and barking orders like 'do that' and 'do this'; we are a business after all.
Sometimes those Orwellian powers force us into things we don't want to necessarily do but have to for the greater good of the cause and recently a full scale production company, screenwriter, set designer all that hithero came down on Boy Parker for jolly nice trade show Margin. They wanted to film some shops saying stuff about life the universe and everything and we were one of the selected few due to us being excellent.
If you want to get an insight into why we are so brilliant then watch the video below. The guy in the film is an actor we hired for the occasion. You may have seen him in the action death fest "Kill! Gore! Trout!" about a mutant fish man mercenary or the moving drama "Leonard by the sea" where he played a welsh caravan salesman who falls in love with a siamese twin, stirring stuff.
Hopefully it's going to the Sundance film festival next year, i'm sure we'll come back with an arm full of awards. Enjoy.

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