Thursday, 7 October 2010

Getting there.

Even though only one of my other split personalities reads this blog; hello Pebbles, i see it's been over a year since we mentioned that we were going to be putting out our own line of tee's together.
Well now, after many a sleepless night and tiredy, tiredy day. boy parker, brighton, no england, no sorry the worlds greatest t-shirt shop are on the verge or launching their hot shit all over the faces of the unsuspecting public. As a little preview i've attached a couple of enigmatic snippets of a couple of the designs from works in progress, we'll have an xmas preview and then the full range will be up in yo' face come very early 2011. think of this as an amuse bouche, even though i'm not entirely sure that is how you spell bouche. here is also a link to a dated hip-hop rock track from me youth, check the keyboard player out, he is cool as.

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